Saturday, 13 April 2013

Pidgin Facebook Connection error, "Not authorized" fix

Pidgin Facebook Connection error, "Not authorized" fix

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Many of us pidgin users usually feel like killing our neighbour when all of a sudden we see that facebook has got disconnected and it shows 'Not authorized' whenever we try to re-enable the account. Deleting the thing, re-making the account typing every single piece of vital info doesn't help, the same error recurs. This is mainly because facebook changes its settings quite often, and pidgin an't keep pace with that. But still, we have an easy fix for pidgin users.

If this problem frequently occurs and bugs you like it does to us, be sure to follow to the following steps:

1. Start Pidgin (isn't that obvious?) and go to Accounts => Manage Accounts.

2. Disable your facebook account for the moment by unticking it. Now, select it and click on 'Modify' button.

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3. Now, set the protocol as XMPP, your username properly (remember, this is not your email address), the domail as, and most importantly, the Resource as Pidgin (this is what most people usually miss). Then enter the password and an alias.

4. Now, go to the advanced tab. Select Connection Security as "Use encryption if available", set Connect Port to "5222" (without quotes), Connect Server to "" (without quotes).

That was easy, right?
5. Additionally, if it's not provided, set the File Proxies to "" (again, no quotes).

Now, restart your pidgin, go again to Accounts menu and enable the previously disabled Facebook account. Hopefully this will work now.

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